Entry #1

I return

2007-12-24 13:06:12 by Over-Kill

Well... been some time since I submitted something here.
Been working my ass off and I figure I should show some of it.
Visit my DA for more up to date stuff along with the artwork I do.


Look forward to more stuff by me.

Oh btw, ComputerTurret.com is gone atm. So going to my site is pointless. Looking for a new host.


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2007-12-24 13:31:30

Ohhh i voted a 5 on ur new submit
Hope it passes judgement ^_^


2008-11-17 17:58:45

i cant play "paddle battle" and "paddle battle 2"


2008-12-05 18:11:34

due on the game epic defense, can you like modify it? the homing missles really suck eggs....its like the purposly go AWAY from the bombs coming down. can you please add some more stuff or something, great game though. and if you dont have the time thats ok too. the game really shows promise :D